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My paintings always have really calm pastel tones almost angelic in colors and other times are rough like my emotions...they depend on how my mood is...I’m always painting through my landscape photography but I never follow it directly...I have it as my base and then everything you see it’s on my own for my technique the only thing I can reveal is that it’s all oil and nothing for the’s a secret of course I shall never unveil...and of course...enjoy! 

About Maria Irene Constantinou


My name is Maria Irene Constantinou but I’m also “The 12th Angel”...During the times I’ve spent searching for a “name” to represent my true self I’ve changed thousands of them without realizing that it was right next to’s really least for me...the number “12” is my favorite and “Angel” is because I love God and Angels and it’s because it’s lives inside me...and everything I have today I owe it to them...



Apart being inspired and given strength by God and my Angels I get strength from my music as well...the lyrics, the colors, the titles...everything has a coherence for me...I tend to want more all the time and nothing is enough...I’m thinking of so many things at the same time that there’s sometimes no chance to understand me or my works...I truly believe in destiny but I believe more in trusting God...for me this is everything...I just let myself to him and when I have God inside me, in my soul, I have nothing to fear. The painting called: “A Road Full Of Thorns” I’ll say it’s my strongest piece of work apart from “Royal Lakes” and “Boiling Veins” which are equally strong and I’ll explain why...”A Road Full Of Thorns” is coming from my song on my first full album called: “Forsaken”, which is the third and my most favorite song coming from the depths of my heart. It talks about tasks and difficulties that I needed to face and overcome during this glorious journey called life. I made it of course with God’s help always even if it was really hard at points where I’d stumble and fall...but “HE” carried me! I’m not gonna say again that I wanted to find myself because it’s cliche, I hear it all the time, but I’ve actually found myself now...many “things” try to break me but I’m still standing there with my cross on my hand and I’ve said that I’ll never let anything or anyone underestimate me or my work and that’s true. So, the road is my road, being woven for me but the rocks on the sides are my parents that kept standing there next to me and If I dare say something that I feel lucky to have I’ll always say “THEM” because I’m extremely lucky and cherished to have their support and love. As for a target in the near future...well I don’t like saying a lot for me but I’d say leave and go as far as I can go...

Briefly About “The 12th Angel”... displayed at Capsules Books - Curatorial Volume.1 available for purchase from the 23rd Of July 2019. Stay Tuned!

Maria Irene @the12thangel Constantinou is a Greek-Cypriot emerging abstract painter born in 1999. After finishing high school in Cyprus, she moved to London in 2017 to study BA Fine Art Mixed Media at the University of Westminster. -

She uses the creative moniker “The 12th Angel” because it typifies her faith in Thee.


Maria Irene specialises in oil painting of nature landscapes. She takes landscape photographs to use as reference material but is primarily influenced by her music and art. Depending on her mood, the composition of her art fluctuates from calm angelic tones to intense lines and strong brushstrokes. She loves using pastes to make her art look 3D and working with blue shades. Maria Irene hopes that her art can take her anywhere.

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About “Dawn Of Sobriety”

A Heart Full Of Appreciations

I just wanted to say as: “The 12th Angel” a big thank you for all the support I’ve had from people and the many people who honored me by coming to my exhibition: “Dawn Of Sobriety” at Gallery 8 St. James’s from the 19th Of January until yesterday the 2nd Of was a special time at the beginning of my career as an abstract painter and I’m so touched that I made it through that pastel colored Dream with the help of my God and Angels and of course my parents who are always standing next to me as my rocks of protection and utter support! Everything is priceless! Thank you 🙏🏻 

Can you hear my heart???

"Delve in a world of forsaken dreams and desires for both my music and art"


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